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Property Modifications Desired by Homeowner
Submit this form to acc@parkplacefrisco.com to request changes to your property.  This version is in Microsoft Word format.  This form may also be filled out electronically on the Resident Portal at excelam.com by clicking "Forms".
The document above is a summary of rules derived from the CCR and Board resolutions.  If you plan to make any modifications to your property, please read the supplemental guidelines as well as understand the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions document linked below.  Submit the Architectural Alteration/Change Request form to acc@parkplacefrisco.com or online via the Resident Portal at excelam.com.  The management company will provide the form and any documentation you submit to the committee for review.
The above document is the official Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR) registered with the county.  It includes the original CCR followed by all amendments through the sixth amendment.  Please be sure the section you are reading has not been revised by one of the amendments later in the document.